About our Therapist

Itsuko is a fully qualified Kinesiologist Dip K.A. She utilises Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T) certified by Klinghardt Academy USA. She is also one of the few therapists in the UK, trained in Mitochondrial treatment with Heart Rate Variability testing.

Description of treatment:

•A general scan of all your organs, matrix and intracellular space – when stress/weakness is found you are also tested for natural remedies/support to bring it back to optimum function.

•Microbiology – test for resonances of common infections that include parasites, bacteria, virus. If infection is found, you will also be tested for the specific anti-microbial remedies that are effective to the detected infection.
•Food sensitives/intolerance – test for food items that may be harmful to the body. This usually takes place when food appears to be the main issue upon taking health history or during the initial consultation.
•Heavy metal, environmental sensitivity and toxicity – test for the most common heavy metals and environmental toxins that could be the potential cause of many unknown illness. When this is detected, you will also be tested for the safe and effective natural remedies to help eliminate these toxins.
•Other things that can be tested – hypoxia, dehydration, Mitochondrial function, nutritional deficiencies, phycological issues, jewellery sensitivity, electromagnetic radiation(EMR), geopathic stress, structural issue.
•Conditions treated – autism, chronic illness, Lyme disease, parasitic infections, digestive issues, neurodegenerative issues and more.
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