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About our Therapist

“Holistic Health in Body, Mind and Heart”
John practices Chinese Acupuncture and was trained at the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture.

Prior to practising acupuncture, John was privately trained in Chinese Medicine in the fields of Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Qigong Exercises, and Meditation. Many of his patients has experienced life changing outcomes through John’s consultation.

John looks forward to be of service, in helping clients achieving a pleasant lifestyle and be symptom free.

Description of Treatment

Spiritual and Emotional Distress
• Frustration and a Lack of Vision.
• Loveless and a Lack of Joy.
• Never Enough and a Lack of Fulfilment.
• Pointlessness and a Lack of Worth.
• Fear and a Lack of Security.

Feeling Trapped by:
• Addictions
• Recurring Emotions
• Past Events.

Complimentary First Treatment, Two Hours.

• Cleared Chronic Pain: Shoulder and Neck.
• Cleared Temporary Pain: Lower Back.
• Cleared High Blood Pressure.
• Cleared Menopause Symptoms.
• Improved Breathing.
• Increased Fertility.
• Increased Energy Levels.
• Reduced Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
• Reduced Heart palpitations.

• Cleared Anxiety.
• Cleared Depression.
• Better Sleep Quality and Wake Up Fresh.
• Better Mood.
• Improved Ability to Let Go.
• Resilience from Emotional Influences.

• Improved Memory.
• Improved Posture.
• Increased Temperature Sensitivity.
• Increased Courage: Driving.
• Cleared Addiction: Gambling.
• Cleared Cravings: Coffee.
• Reduced Jet-Lag time.

• Improved Cheek Colours.
• Improved Lip Colours.
• Improved Skin Texture.
• Reduced Dry Skin.
•Reduced Hair Loss.
• Clearer Crisp Voice.
• Reduced Face Puffiness.


Contact John on 0781 067 8761 to book an appointment or for a free 15 minute telephone consultation. John is always happy to talk through how acupuncture might be of help to you.

Consultation and Treatment (1.5 Hour): £100.
Follow-Up Consultation (1 hour): £80.

五行针灸, 英国伦敦,涂峻哲
• 易感怒,和缺乏视线。
• 易无爱,和不乐感。
• 易感不够,和不满足感。
• 易感无用,和不完美感。
• 易感恐俱,和无安全感。
• 上瘾。
• 负面情绪。
• 过去事情。
请拨打 0781 067 8761 来预约治疗时间, 或者与涂峻哲谈一下身体情况,和了解如何针灸可已帮助您。
首次治疗 £100 续治 £80

Please call 0208 549 8000 to make an appointment with John.

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