Understanding A Healing Crisis With Serge Tampakakis At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Understanding a Healing Crisis Part 4

Yesterday we shared with you Understanding a Healing Crisis Part 3, given to us by Kingston Natural Health Centre’s Raynor and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Serge Tampakakis. Today we share part 4.

Part 3 of understanding a healing process looked at what a healing crisis is and why it is import to us.

What to do next?

•Prepare – Make sure you have the time and the support system in place to help you through the process. A long weekend away from work, or some time off the responsibilities of daily life could give you the time and space to heal.

•Commit – ‘do I really want to heal?’. The healing process takes time and effort. Try not to seek refuge in medication (e.g. pain relief) they can suppress or halt the process. Also, try to avoid consuming food and drink that would be toxic to your system (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, additives).

• Be Perceptive, Use Your Intuition – Listen to your body, follow the direction your body is giving you; if you feel tired, rest. Drink lots of water, herbal teas and natural juices and ensure that the eliminating channels function freely.

• Be Kind to Yourself – We tend to be disappointed or frustrated towards specific areas of our body that cause us stress or pain, or that they are not strong enough or live to our expectations. A painful back, a weak arm, or a bloated stomach can be looked as an inferior part of one’s body and be neglected or remain untreated.

• Process – During the healing crisis process there are also changes taking place on an emotional level. Dedicate some time to process how you feel. Releasing physical tension caused by stress, anxiety, fear or anger could bring us face to face with the actual root of the problem. The need for transition, changes, endings and new beginnings might also surface.

• Be Positive – Remind yourself that you took a step towards change, a better state of well being, a healthier future and a better quality of life.


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