What is Intuitive Healing?

When an energetic/emotional blockage appears in your energy field, it can potentially wreak havoc with your mental, emotional and physical health, which then affects your flow in one or more areas of life – money, relationships, physical/emotional condition, career issues, etc

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The purpose of Harun’s Intuitive Healing Programmes is to identify the cause of your pain or suffering followed by a course of rectification and rebalance of your energy flow. That way, you get to fully reclaim your personal power and control over your life and destiny. It is called ‘intuitive’ as it combines the five senses with the powerful sixth sense or intuition, which science is beginning to demonstrate as an incredibly powerful tool. Harun guides clients to identify the true cause of their issues, then to release the blockages and to set themselves free.

The shift in the client’s condition is as a result of energy transmission from the facilitator. Where relevant, you may also experience ‘hands-on’ healing, which is a powerful tool to help the cells of your body realign and reconnect in order to accelerate the recovery process. The effect is rather stunning as many clients are able to experience a rapid change in their condition as well as their mindset. Consequently, most clients need to experience only a few sessions in order to reap great benefits.

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Harun Rabbani

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