Osteopathy; Cranio-sacral Osteopathy; Unitherapy, Biophysical Science; Certified Surrey Spiritual Healer; Energy healing (also known as Qi, Prana or Holy Spirit); Swedish body massage; Kinesiotaping and Lymphatic drainage

Alan GinAbout our Therapist

Alan’s first and prime interest as a practitioner is acting as a medium or conduit, for spiritual energy “Qi”, “Prana” or “The Holy Spirit”. This energy can be transferred to anyone who is suffering, for balancing and sustaining good health. Studying eastern as well as western approaches to health and healing, he has been researching and practising this form of service whilst achieving the above mentioned qualifications.

Unitherapy defines the universal life force as energy that underpins all therapies working towards homeostasis (the delicate balance of energy) within each aspect  of mind body and spirit as well as the inter-relationship of energy interaction between the triad itself.

Alan Gin integrates a variety of therapies to achieve this goal:

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 BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine; BSc (Hons) Biophysical Science

Osteopathy; Cranio-sacral Osteopathy; Biophysical Science; Certified Surrey Spiritual Healer; Energy healing (also known as Qi, Prana or Holy Spirit); Swedish body massage; Kinesiotaping and Lymphatic drainage

More about our therapist

Success in the relief of pain and suffering is achievable and he believes that successful healing is not co-incidental and is not as unattainable as we have been led to believe. He believes that the body, aided by a healing practitioner, can achieve its own cure.

Having researched and investigated many alternative therapies, Alan was drawn to the philosophy and practise of Osteopathy. It is his belief that Dr. Andrew Taylor Still the founder of Osteopathy was utilising and practising a much more sophisticated form of healing practice. The modern face of osteopathy focuses mostly on musculoskeletal lesions and manual body adjustment, but historically Dr. Still treated, a great variety of health issues, conditions and diseases not normally associated with manual manipulation. This resonates beautifully with his belief in energy healing, that he believes Dr. Still was also practising and is now being acknowledged and researched as “Bio energy” and also sharing the lime light with “Quantum Energy” studies.

Please call 0208 549 8000 to make an appointment with Alan.

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