About our Therapist

Daniela first encountered Shiatsu as a teenager. She was struggling with anxiety, depression and very low self-esteem. From the first Shiatsu session Daniela had she knew that this therapy was special and carried on receiving Shiatsu bi weekly for almost two years. She then went to University but Shiatsu stayed with her and after University decided to take on the path of studying this wonderful healing art.

Description of Treatment

Shiatsu originates in Japan.¬†The practise consists of pressure on the body of the receiver with hand palm and thumb as well as joint rotations and stretches. Through the pressure and movement the energy in the body is brought into flow which promotes and strengthens the body’s own healing abilities.
Shiatsu works with principles and theories of the thousands of years old Classical Chinese Medicine and the use of Ki to heal the body, mind and soul. Ki is the life energy that flows within the body. The flow of it is especially heightened in pathways called Meridians. Shiatsu practitioners work with Ki and bring the flow of Ki within the Meridians in balance.
When Daniela gives Shiatsu she feels your energy as it wants to present itself to her. Each treatment is tailored to your whole health picture. Together you are looking at the imbalances of your energy and how they manifest in your being. Her touch is reminding your body of how it is in balance. And this is what helps your being to heal itself.
Daniela believes that we have an innate wish to feel balanced. Often life is throwing us of that balance. So we get stressed, anxious, moody, depressed, live with PMS, menstrual cramps and other menstrual cycle related symptoms, feel the tension in our muscles, have insomnia or digestive issues. Daniela has experienced Shiatsu to be a brilliant therapy to balance your energy and therefore your health. And as result live a more harmonious and calm life.
As a holistic practice, concentrating on the connection between mind, body and soul, Shiatsu is bringing comfort and helping to promote the healing process of physical as well as emotional and psychological ailments.
Regular Shiatsu treatments are helping to ease
  • anxiety
  • feelings of overwhelm
  • feelings of imbalance and being out of place
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • supports the digestive tract
  • supports women’s health – menstrual issues, prenatal and postnatal and menopause
  • pain and tension in shoulders
  • stiffness in joints
  • chronic or acute back pain
  • sciatica
Shiatsu is a full body practice that is practiced on a futon on the floor with a lot of cushions to ensure your comfort.


Please call 0208 549 8000 to make an appointment with Daniela.

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