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Lawin Osman NaturopathAbout our Therapist

Like most naturopathic and holistic practitioners, Lawin has a personal odyssey that made me immerse myself into the world of alternative medicine, with no regrets so far. It was in 2007 and aged 19 years when he started experiencing serious health problems. He had suddenly developed chronic digestive problems and migraine that made him feel helpless all the time. Lawin’s numerous visits to the GP yielded no solution to his health problem, and neither did the laxatives administered by the GP alleviate his suffering. The laxatives would only provide relief for a short term, leaving him frustrated as the problem would recur in no time. In addition, he constantly suffered from common cold and flu since childhood. As his health deteriorated with time, Lawin felt he had no choice but to seek answers and a permanent cure to the disease ailing him. In addition, some of the pharmaceutical drugs he was constantly put on had severe side effects. The drugs had significantly raised the toxicity levels of his body and he felt they were not of any use besides alleviating the symptoms.

As Lawin’s health problems escalated, a thought struck his mind – alternative medicine as the remedy to his suffering. He had earlier heard people talk about the subject but had never really given it much thought. Besides, he was a staunch believer that contemporary pharmaceutical drugs were the panacea to all health problems. However, as Lawin started his search for alternative medicine, he had little knowledge about the subject which significantly limited his chances of ever finding cure. Soon, he had given up hope of ever finding a solution. Lawin’s breakthrough came when ironically he enrolled for a course in pharmaceutical science. It was while taking this course that he finally realised the harm that can arise from side effects of most drugs especially when taken in the long term.

In addition, Lawin realised that some of these drugs were useless and only meant to alleviate less serious health problems that may probably go away on their own. This rejuvenated his desire to look for alternative medicine and in 2008, he started practicing cupping. No sooner had he started the practice that he made an important revelation – the power of the human body to heal itself when given the right nutrition and remedy. My constant health problems disappeared and life begun to feel normal again. Common cold and flu also became a thing of the past and my life took a new turn.

This important revelation made him immerse himself fully into the world of natural medicine. It gave him the insight into the great potential alternative medicine has for us all in terms of curing various ailments. Lawin decided to enrol for various courses to enrich his knowledge into the field as his curiosity and thirst for knowledge was now very high. Lawin has already completed several courses on alternative medicine which has greatly enriched his understanding of the field. Currently, he is in his last year of study in my iridology and naturopathy course. Through alternative medicine, he has actually been able to help some of his friends at  who had chronic health problems with amazing results.

Lawin has years of experience in the field of natural medicine. He loves what he does and is so passionate in helping people to become healthy. Lawin has qualifications in the following fields:

  • Nutrition
  • Herbal medicine
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Cellular medicine
  • Cupping
  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Parasite Cleansing
  • Candida Protocol

Treating people holistically means treating them individually and as a whole. Unless you get to the root of your problem you will never be able to feel the freedom of good health. This is why Lawin uses a combination of therapies to help his clients overcome their problems once for all. For example if you were to treat someone who suffers from chronic migraine and only targeted one contributory factor to the migraine the problem will never end. It will always come back and make life miserable for the patient. In Lawin’s clinic he uses a variety of techniques such as iridology, naturopathy, urine analysis, patient’s medical history to get to the bottom of the issue and eradicate every single factor causing the disease while still incorporating professional behaviour by having self-reflection and performance appraisal processes to continually develop professional capabilities.

Please call 0208 549 8000 to make an appointment with Lawin.

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