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Do you feel bloated, gassy or tired?
Would you like your tummy to look and feel flatter?
Are your energy levels low?
Do you sometimes look and feel pregnant after eating?
Are you thinking about Colonics but are not sure if it is for you?

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation or Colonics?

All of these terms are for exactly the same treatment. i.e. the cleansing of the colon with the gentle infusion of warm filtered water. Basically an internal bath.

What is The Colon?

Also called the large bowel or the large intestine. It is the final 5’ to 6’ feet of the intestine (except for the last eight inches which is called the rectum.)

Why should I be concerned about my Colon?

The colon can be referred to as the main sewage system of the body.  It is the place where we store the waste material, most of us would rather not think about.  We don’t think about it until our health becomes poor.

Over time, the walls and many pockets in the colon become encrusted with accumulated fecal matter including toxins. Eventually these toxins can seep through the walls of the colon into the blood stream and carried to all other parts of the body. This is known as “autointoxification” and can cause many types of serious disease elsewhere in the body.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer.

Can Colonics help with constipation?

Certainly. Constipation is sometime the beginning of serious health problems and indicates that your bowel is not functioning correctly.. Colon Hydrotherapy will help you become more regular. Ideally you should have two or three bowel movements each day – one after each meal. In any event no less than once a day.

When a person is constipated, part of the walls and pockets of the colon usually have become encrusted with accumulated fecal matter. The inner diameter of the colon is reduced like a water pipe blocked by mineral deposits and eventually the opening becomes narrower.

A colonic or series of colonics should result in a noticeable improvement.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use Laxative for Constipation?

“We have found that the use of laxative and cathartics are not only habit forming but decidedly destructive to the membrane of the intestines. That is why so many people start with mild laxatives and soon graduate to cathartics before they reach the point of no return” Dr Norman Walker in “Colon Health – The key to a Vibrant Life”

Natural Health generally tries to avoid the use of drugs and chemicals.

What other benefits can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

  • Flatter tummy
  • Lessens bloated feeling and puffy abdomen
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Fight indigestion
  • Prevent aging process
  • Stimulate immune system
  • Brighter eyes
  • Smoother glowing skin
  • Increased energy
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Lessens constipation
  • Maintains regularity

Why should I choose Colon Care Clinic for my treatment?

We have a team of dedicated, caring and professional, therapists. Their aim to provide the highest standard of excellence coupled with friendly service using the latest state of the art machine. Colon Hydrotherapy is a treatment that should continue throughout life. Colon Care Clinic will endeavour to keep prices as low as possible.

What is a Colon Hydrotherapy Session Like?

A Colon Hydrotherapy session is a comfortable relaxing experience for most people. Most clients are pleasantly surprised that the treatment is nothing like their preconceived thoughts. After their first treatment, Clients usually look forward to future treatments.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy embarrassing for ladies?

It is no more intimate than a bikini wax and more comfortable. After the first time it will become as natural as visiting the hairdressers.

Our therapists are trained to put you at ease, you will never need to be fully undressed and you will be covered throughout the treatment.

Can I have a Colonic during my period?

Yes. It is sometimes the best time.

Can I have a Colonic during Pregnancy?

We do not recommend it unless there is a very good medical reason. Certainly we would say no during the first three months and last three months of pregnancy.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy embarrassing for men?

The treatment is no more embarrassing that visiting the doctor for a regular health check up.

After the first time it will be nothing to worry about.

How long does a Colonic Session take with The Colon Care Clinic?

For the first session, please allow one and a half hours as our therapist will need to discuss your previous medical history with you and advise on diet and treatment plan. Future session should take between forty five minutes to one hour.

Is The Procedure Safe and Sanitary?

Colon Care Clinic use the latest Colon Hydrotherapy equipment called Toxygen which is a closed system. This is manufacture in USA and is one of the few colonic machines that has been approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All disposable tubes and the speculum is for one time use only and the therapist will show the sealed bag prior to opening.

How will I feel afterwards?

Most people feel cleaner, lighter, healthier and rejuvenated after their treatment.

Can I drive afterwards?


Can I go back to work afterwards?


Is it necessary to have a special diet before my colonic?

We recommend that you do not eat for two hours before the treatment and do not drink for one hour before.

Is it necessary to have a special diet after my colonic?

We recommend drinking one or two glasses of water immediately afterwards and then a piece of fruit or fruit juice say half an hour later. The first one or two meals afterwards should be light. Please abstain from alcohol and rich or spicy foods for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

This is something you should discuss with your therapist during your treatment. Generally most people will have a minimum of three sessions.

What do other people say about Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Dr Bernard Jensen (One of Americas foremost pioneering nutritionists).

“In the 50 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems

Knowing the ways of keeping the bowel healthy and in good shape is the best way I know to keep away from the grip of disease and sickness”…

Dr Norman Walker (Author of Colon Health – The Key to a Vibrant Life).

There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of Colon irrigations.

It is not for me to tell you what you must do. Just use your God-given intelligence, and keep your internal organs clean and intact. After all, it’s your body.

Every type of diarrhea I have had occasion to study has responded to colonic irrigations.

Finally, what can I do to help fight the epedemic of colon cancer?

Encourage family, friends and associates to talk about the Colon and Colon Cleansing and Colonics. It is one of the least talked about subjects and as such problems are simply “swept under the carpet” and the colon becomes the most neglected part of the body . Thus a large percentage of our population are setting themselves up to reap the sad reward for this neglect.

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More about Colon Hydrotherapy (“Colonic” or “Colonic Irrigation”)

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, clean and relaxing method of removing toxins and waste from the colon or large intestine through the gentle infusion of water.

The colon is a repository of all the accumulated waste in the body. Research has shown that an unhealthy colon is the cause of some of today’s most serious health conditions, including cancer, heart disease and obesity. An unhealthy person can be carrying around a few kilos of impacted toxic waste material which becomes a breeding ground for pathogens such as parasites and fungi, resulting in the rest of the body receiving a dirty blood supply. No organ or cell in the body can function optimally without a fresh supply of clean oxygenated blood – disease and dysfunction are the ultimate outcome.

A Colon Hydrotherapy session is a restorative, painless procedure that is both relaxing and effective. During your appointment, your modesty and personal well-being are always maintained, and your questions are welcome.

The procedure begins with you lying comfortably on a custom treatment table. A small, sterile disposable speculum is gently inserted into the rectum, and your therapist monitors the temperature and gentle flow of warm, highly filtered water into and out of your large intestine through a disposable, sanitized tube. Unlike other methods, no pressure or force is ever used. Instead, patients sometimes describe a “sensation of movement,” and your therapist may lightly massage your abdomen.  There is no smell or touch of faecal matter as the substances travel through a closed colonic machine.

Colon Hydrotherapy should assist with the following: Increase in energy and vitality, Natural detox, Feeling positive and relaxed, Glowing skin, Reduced symptoms of bloating and IBS, Flatter stomach, Natural weight loss, Relief from constipation, Feeling of lightness, Elimination of parasites, Improved digestion, Regained muscle streangth of the colon, Improved absorbtion of nutrients, Improved mental alertness

Colon Hydrotherapy, used in combination with proper nutrition and regular exercise, can be a powerful tool for maintaining optimum health throughout your lifetime.

Death begins in the colon. Don’t believe it? Ask any coroner. Autopsies often reveal colons that are plugged up to 80% with waste material. (Vegetarian Times)


“I’ve always wanted to try Colonic Hydrotherapy. As an athlete and drama student, taking care of my body is essential. I was starting a new diet for my upcoming play, and I felt like my body needed a clean out, a fresh start. My treatment at the Kingston Natural Health Centre was very professional, and they made the environment very comfortable. My therapists were fantastic and made my time at the centre really enjoyable. I will definitely come back again!” -C.S.Cheap Vermox