What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing, also known as Spiritual Healing or Contact healing is based on the belief that the healer or practitioner is able to channel universal life force or healing life energy through their body and direct it into the body of the client for the purpose of healing. This can take place with the client present (with hands on or off the patient) or at a distance (Distant or Absent healing) with the healer and client in different locations.

energyhealingWhat’s it good for?

Just about anything that makes you feel out of sorts, unwell, in pain, out of balance, mentally, emotionally and physically. Some specific reasons you might have healing:
Aches & pains
, alleviating or improving symptoms, Back PainDepression,  Emotional ProblemsInsomnia , Low Energy, Relaxation, Stress relief

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Healing Myths

●  Energy or Spiritual Healing has a non denominational approach and is not to be confused with Faith Healing which takes place within a religious context.

●  To “heal” is not necessarily to “cure”. Healing is a process of assisting the return of the mind, body or soul to its own natural state of health and wellbeing.

●  The energy does not come from the healer themselves, but via the healer. You therefore are not receiving the healer’s own energy, but healing energy from spirit/the Universe/higher power. The healer simply acts as a conduit of the energy.

What happens during healing?

Healing functions on the premise that “energy follows thought”, and so using focussed intention, the healer will direct energy through their hands into the patient’s body intending that it do the highest good and heal. Although the healer will systematically move along the body and balance the chakras (energy centres), the healing energy will go to where it is needed most, and can impact the mind, emotions and the physical body.

What you can expect during an energy healing session?

Receiving healing is usually an incredibly relaxing treatment which tends to reduce stress and generally elevates feelings of calm and wellbeing.You will usually lie down on a couch fully clothed, but a chair is also available if it is more comfortable. The healer will then talk you through a short relaxation if you wish, and will then begin to give healing. You can choose whether to have hands­on healing, where the healer’s hands rest gently on your body, or hands off, where the healer will give healing by hovering their hands above your body. Some people report feeling heat or coolness coming from the healer’s hands, whilst others don’t feel anything at all. Everyone’s experience is different.

What clients have said about Energy Healing?

“ ‘THANK YOU’ for the Energy Healing I had with you the other day. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was completely surprised by the results. What I hadn’t mentioned to you before our session is that I have had knee trouble for the last 21 years in my right knee and in the last 4 years the pain had exacerbated to the point that I could feel the joint twinge at least once or twice a day and numerous times throughout the night. After your energy treatment I felt buoyant and alive and eager to seize the day. I slept like a log that first night. It has now been 3 days since my treatment and I haven’t had a single pain in my knee!!! A first for 21 years! It really is incredible and I am so grateful for your healing hands.”