Qi Gong in Chinese from where it originated has two characters Qi or chi (pronounced “chee”) and Gong. Qi means life energy and gong means the daily work or exercise. So Qigong means the exercise of your life force energy. According to some, it is a 5000 year old Chinese healthcare modality that has survived and is making a significant come back.

Qigong is a practice to use for different purposes including self healing and for improving the fitness of the mind and body and increase vitality for self healing purposes. It is practised by millions of Chinese as well as other around the world every day.

Qi gong for health and healing is different to other forms of Qi Gong which includes Tai chi which is a martial art. The type of Qigong I have studied and practice is known as Chi-Lel Qigong . This is a form of Qi Gong that was developed by Master Chan, from Zhineng Qigong the medical qigong method created by by Dr Pang Ming (a doctor who was qualified both in the western medicine as well as Chinese medicine). I trained in China with Master Chan who was formerly teaching at what was known as the “Medicineless Hospital” in China, where patients were taught qigong exercises to heal themselves. Chi-Lel Qigong is different and should not be confused with medical Qigong.

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