What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy is a thorough and profound method of clearing the energy template of our bodies. By doing so, energetic “programs” (as they are called in SRT) or beliefs, perceptions and judgements that exist in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blueprints negatively affecting our health and wellbeing, are removed. 

Spiritual Response TherapyMany issues, from physical aches and pains, to anxiety, illness, relationship dynamics and feelings of being stuck, can have their root cause in an energetic form and can imprint themselves within our energy field. Since we experience our reality through the filter of our thoughts and beliefs, these programs which run in the background of our day to day life have an intrinsic effect upon the way we react to things and people, make decisions and choose to take action.

Since energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, in addition to beliefs and conditioning you have accumulated subconsciously throughout your life, SRT also encompasses energies that have carried through to your current circumstances from past lives, often revealing uncanny parallels with current life experiences.

This spiritual and energetic approach is carried out by the practitioner by dowsing with a pendulum over a series of charts, using focussed thought and intention in an altered state to find and clear negative energies and soul programming that is causing blocks to your best health and wellbeing.

Everyone is unique in their energy blueprint, therefore people experience clearings differently. Reported benefits include, diminishing of aches and chronic pain, increased energy, focus and clarity, improved relationship dynamics, rebalanced emotions, general improvement in health and wellbeing. Once cleared, you are back to a clean slate energetically, but you still have free will, so it is your responsibility to make healthier choices now that nothing energetically stands in your way.

Spiritual Response Therapy is recommended for:

Aches & Pains, Back Pain, feeling stuck in any area of life  stress associated with life changes (career, moving home, relationships etc), Relationship Issues. 

Make an Appointment

If you feel that SRT is for you and want to book a session please call 0208 549 8000. You can also check our Therapists own pages for their individual availability. 

Clients who have had an SRT Clearing say:

“ Sara had me feel completely relaxed and at ease, she has a gentle unique approach and took time with me to go through each step. After the session, I felt peaceful and clear. Many of the things being cleared made sense to me and since then I have noticed how new opportunities have come into my life. It was like Sara was able to unblock me!”

“I had Spiritual Response Therapy which I found very insightful and connected a lot of dots in my life. After the energies were cleared I left refreshed and revitalized almost zinging with new found ideas, fresh energy and an overwhelming impulse to declutter my home (and life) If you want to

feel rejuvenated and alive this is the place to go”