Low energy is on the rise in the modern world and can have a multitude of causes from our lifestyle choices to various diseases. For example diet and exercise can have a huge impact on our energy levels as can smoking and other stimulants such as alcohol and caffine. Exercise breeds energy so maybe you are not getting enough exercise, or maybe you are getting too much exercise.  Furthermore our increased exposure to technology and longer working hours can leave us unable to switch off, wind down and relax.  Diabetes, anaemia, ME and coeliac disease are just a handful of conditions that can cause fatigue. If you feel: sleepy, unmotivated, negative or weak then there are things you can do to help improve your lack of energy and drive.

Low Energy can be treated with the following therapies

Allergy Testing
The bowen technique
Chinese Massage
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Nutritional Therapy
Pregnancy Massage
Swedish Massage
Yoga Therapy

If you are unsure as to which therapy could benefit you then please call us at Kingston Natural Health Centre on 0208 549 8000 where can help get you to the right therapist.