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Infertility affects up to 17% of couples throughout industrialised countries worldwide. Experts define it as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse, and its cause can be found in either male or female partners. Female infertility can occur due to ovulatory or tubal complications, while male infertility is regarded as being caused by low sperm count, or low sperm quality.

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Primary infertility refers to a woman who has never conceived, while secondary infertility indicates previous successful conception.  A couple is deemed as infertile when conception doesn’t occur after two years of unprotected intercourse. While there are definable factors that can lead to a couple remaining childless, 30% of cases remain unknown. While 95% of couples in developed countries are able to conceive after two years, the probability of conception depends on the woman’s age, fertility history, past treatments, and cause of infertility. Studies are as of yet inconclusive as to whether age affects male fertility, however, for men whose cause of infertility is unknown, 30-40% of them exhibit abnormal sperm, or a low sperm count. For such cases, low testosterone, psychological state, environmental influences, and lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking could lead to altering sperm health.

A large majority of evidence suggests that acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. In regards to infertility, clinical trails have demonstrated its efficacy in the transfer of the embryo during in vitro fertilisation. The goal of conventional medicine is to help infertile couples bring to  term a healthy baby, with minimal negative side affects for both the child and mother. Acupuncture aims to do the exact same, but studies suggest that it’s less invasive, and more economical than other standard measures. For women, it can be useful in both regulating and releasing hormones that are conducive to conception, stimulating circulation to sexual organs, improving egg production, and in normalising drugs administered during IVF treatment. Treatment for men involves reducing the temperature in the sexual organs, and increasing levels of testosterone. Because acupuncture is a holistic therapy, the emotional state of the patient is also focused on to ensure that stress-related symptoms don’t interfere with the treatment.

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