What is Food Sensitivity testing?

Today’s modern diets and lifestyles mean that many of us are eating the wrong foods for our individual bodies and possibly causing many digestive disorders or more serious complaints and illnesses. A Food Sensitivity Test at The Kingston Natural Health Centre may help to identify the foods that you are currently irritated by.

Allergy Testing at Kingston Natural Health Centre

What’s it good for?

Food Sensitivity Testing could possibly help with the following symptoms: Aches & PainsIntolerances, Arthritis, Asthma, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Hayfever & Sinus ProblemsHeadaches & Migraines, IBS, Joint problems, Low EnergyLow Immune SystemPregnancy, Recurring Colds, Skin Conditions, Weight gain / loss, Candida, Thrush, Cystitis etc[/column]

What can I expect from Food Sensitivity Testing at Kingston Natural Health Centre?

The testing method- Bio Resonance testing is non-invasive , completely painless and fast. The Asyra pro equipment we use is one of the latest systems in computerised electro-dermal screening. As part of your consultation we will also consider any environmental sensitivities and Nutritional deficiencies which may be effecting your health and well being

There is no waiting around for results. You can see what is found immediately and a full report along with recommendations and supporting nutritional advice will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your consultation. . A test with us could help you to identify your trigger foods, and change the way you live your life!


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If you feel that food sensitivity testing and nutritional advice is for you and want to book a session please call 0208 549 8000 or 07971 989854.

Itsuko Miyata

More about our Allergy Testing Service

Cathy is a complementary therapist registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and The Federation of Holistice Therapists, qualified and insured in the BER method of Food Sensitivity Testing and a qualified Asyra Pro Practitioner.

Practising in clinics throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and the City of London

“As an Food Sensitivity Tester and Nutritional advisor I continue to be amazed at how small changes to diet ,lifestyle and a focus on the right nutritional support can contribute significantly to helping to improve a clients overall health and well being”

Please note that this is not a blood test or skin prick test. All Information provided by is intended for nutritional information only and is not meant for medical diagnostic purposes. We recommend that you contact your doctor if you suspect you may have any serious medical or health conditions. Nutritional Therapy is not an alternative to conventional medicine, but Complementary.writing an essay