What is Fertility Reflexology?

Reflexology works in a subtle way on a physical and emotional level and is especially beneficial for those experiencing fertility issues. Fertility Reflexology can create a healthier environment for a possible pregnancy to occur by encouraging the body to work more efficiently

Fertility Reflexology @ Kingston Natural Health Centre

Our Therapist

Zorana Nisic

Make an appointment for Fertility Reflexology

If you feel that fertility reflexology is for you and want to book a session please call 0208 549 8000. You can also check our Therapists own pages for their individual availability.

More about Fertility Reflexology

The calming and soothing effects of a Reflexology treatment may help relieve some stress and tension and could be a crucial step in person’s journey.Fertility Reflexology treatments encourage relaxation, leading to a reduction in stress hormones, which may improve chances of success.

Who is it for?

  • People affected by Stress and conditions caused by hormone imbalance which may make trying for a baby even more difficult like:
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),
  • Endometriosis,
  • Irregular menstrual cycle,
  • Amenorrhoea (lack of menstruation),
  • Anovulation.
  • Also for people undergoing fertility investigations or are about to embark upon an assisted conception programme like IVF or IUI.

Many believe that regular treatments helped them become pregnant.