In our Wellbeing Centre we believe that the mind,
body and the soul of the Being are inseparable.

Good health is not the absence of illness but being well and to be balanced at all three levels. This we aim to do in a holistic way and to assist you in overcoming any condition you want to overcome. Nurturing and empowering you are key values for us.

At the Kingston Natural Health Clinic we offer a range of treatments to relax and nurture you. They include the following:

For a healthy body

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Rolfing/ Structural Integrations
Thought Field Therapy®
Remedial Massage
Time Line Therapy™
Nutritional Advice
Indian Head Massage
Detox Foot Spa

For peace of mind

NLP / Neuro-linguistic Programming
Psychodynamic Counselling
Hawaiian Huna/Energy Healing
* Breakthrough Therapy Process™ *(for complex emotional and physiological issues)

Pain Relief