Nutritional Therapy At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Eat Your Way To Better Health With Nutritional Therapy

Would you like to improve your overall general health, increase your energy levels and help prevent many diseases? Why not try Nutritional Therapy?  It can also be used as an effective way to help cure certain health problems and diseases, here we take a quick look into how it works

Nutritional Therapy represents the union between science (as expressed by the branches of biochemistry and nutrition) and naturopathy (drug free medicine).

Targeted for the specific individual nutrition could provide a greatly towards the improvement of physical as well as psychological status.

In its essence, nutritional therapy aims to promote health and optimal condition of one’s body.

Its approach is holistic and it sets to treat the body as a whole instead of just attempting to cure it one symptom at a time.

At first instance, it helps to achieve the sometimes difficult task of nutritional balance, but it does not limit its ambition there; furthermore, it also helps the body to maintain that balance and stay as healthy as possible.

Nutritional therapy is particularly based on the belief that every single person is unique and should be treated as such; the common practice of ‘one size fits all’ is completely disregarded, thus ensuring that every single client gets the treatment they personally need.

The therapy has proven suitable for both individuals who seek to enhance and promote their health and well-being as well as people who suffer from chronic diseases. In fact, the benefits of nutritional therapy have also been explored in connection with conditions such as: cancer, chronic liver disease, kidney failure, type II diabetes, Crohn’s disease and many more. 

There are different levels of nutritional therapy and practitioners: there are nutritional therapists, who are fully independent professionals and who aid people with cronic illnesses that sometimes cannot be addressed adequately via the conventional methods of medicine; dietitians provide adequate eating plans for individuals with various medical conditions; furthermore, nutrition scientists promote scientific research and could provide general information about healthy eating but are not trained to practice clinically; last but not least, there are nutrition advisers who offer general advice on nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, to promote weight management or to support another therapy (for example, massage therapy).

Cathy Foley is our Nutritional therapist at Kingston Natural Health Centre,  by running a series of non-invasive tests she can work out what foods will work best for you.

 If you would like to know more about Nutritional Therapy, or would like to make an appointment please call Kingston Natural Health Centre on 0208 549 8000