Colonic Irrigation At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Colonic Hydrotherapy Fantastic New Offer

We are trying to build awareness on the health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and we need your help.

So we have a great new offer at The Centre where we are giving you £10 off your next colonic hydrotherapy for every referral you make. That means that if you refer 5 people you get £50 off your treatment. If they in turn refer 2 people they get £20 off their treatment. You could refer 7 people and grab yourself a completely free colonic!*

It is said that 90% of disease begins in the colon? So as well as leaving you looking and feeling amazing it can help prevent disease and treat many conditions.

We have a number of experienced practitioners who are caring, discreet and treat your comfort and dignity as their top priority. 

Here’s our most recent testimonial:

“I’ve always wanted to try Colonic Hydrotherapy. As an athlete and drama student, taking care of my body is essential. I was starting a new diet for my upcoming play, and I felt like my body needed a clean out, a fresh start. My treatment at the Kingston Natural Health Centre was very professional, and they made the environment very comfortable. My therapists were fantastic and made my time at the centre really enjoyable. I will definitely come back again!” -C.S.

*The £10 discount will be issued at the point when your referral pays their deposit and is valid for 6 months