New Year News

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Dear Readers,

Firstly Kingston Natural Health Centre would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We hope that January has treated you well and you are feeling energised and inspired for what is hopefully a great year ahead.

It has been a fantastic start to 2012, and it is our pleasure to update you on Kingston Natural Health’s latest news, practitioners and wonderful offers that some of our practitioners are providing for you. With a refurbished website, we will be bringing you a monthly newsletter to keep you updated with all of our exciting news and offers.

Therefore, to kick start our Newsletter we will begin with our new Practitioners who have joined us in January and an example of the wonderful treatments that they provide.

Kingston Natural Health Centre’s New Practitioners

Jasmine Mejares – Yoga teacher

With over 12 years experience, Jasmine incorporates the science of chiropractic with yoga to provide a completely new approach to yoga teaching training.            

Janie Still – Hypnotherapist

Having trained with Brian Jacobs of Hypnotic Solutions, Harley Street, London UK, Janie now helps others to overcome problems such as anxiety, weight issues, lack of confidence, stress management and many more common problems.

Susannah Lee – Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Susannah can help individuals to meet life’s challenges and move forward with a sense of purpose and meaning. Susannah offers both short-term and long term counselling and psychotherapy to individuals.

Lauren Rinaldi – Bowen Therapist

Having first qualified as a Holistic Massage therapist, Lauren went onto become a fully qualified Bowen Therapist completing the course in her native Australia where the Bowen Therapy originates. Both disciplines require a comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology component which Lauren has achieved.

Elaine Brooks – Holistic Massage, Pregnancy Massage & Thai Yoga

Drawing on knowledge of Western and Eastern techniques, Elaine is able to safely move individuals out of chronic pain conditions caused by injuries, strains and general wear and tear and fatigue.

Alison Turner – Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mind Performance Coaching

Alison has been practising Hypnotherapy for many years and has helped many individuals to overcome a mass range of issues. With the use of Hypnotherapy Alison helps others to overcome problems such as anxiety, stress, low-confidence, relationships, phobias and many more.

Jambaal Jeng – Sports Massage

With an understanding of anatomy, human biomechanics and the effects of massage of certain indicated pathologies, Jambaal provides a science-based approach to her treatments.

Cathy Foley – Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing

With a simple Allergy & Food Intolerance Test that will highlight the foods that you are currently sensitive to, Cathy offers an accurate, non-invasive (no painful skin scratching or injections), completely painless and fast testing method. The Asyra System uses a probeless testing system designed to remove any practitioner bias. There is no waiting around for results.

Neil Woodrow – Acupuncturist, Reflexologist & Sports Massage

Neil believes that for us to healthy we need to acknowledge all aspects of our being, the physical, mental and emotional and with Neil’s therapies and treatments he specialises in, Neil aims to provide a complete service to his patients and clients.

Fofy Savva – Voice Specialist & Vocal Trainer

Fofy has worked in a variety of clinical and non-clinical contexts within the UK and Europe. Fofy has experience of treating the voice and its disorders (for both Professional and Non Professional Voice Users), training the non disordered voice for vocal strength and achieving maximum potential and modifying Speech. 

Melissa Richardson – Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Offering a range of evidence-based techniques that can be tailored for you and your child, Melissa provides a dynamic and friendly therapy service. Having worked in the NHS for 6 years, nurseries, mainstream schools and a language unit including many more establishments, Melissa has now set up an Independent Practice in 2006 and works independently.

As you can see Kingston Natural Health has greeted a fantastic range of therapists and therapies in January and we are excited to be part of the help and support they will be offering to patients and clients throughout their time with us. For more information on these therapies and our wonderful existing practitioners, please visit our website

*Special Offers*

Our Practitioners are constantly providing Special Offers to new and existing clients. Our Massage therapists are currently offering these discounts:

Aromatherapy Massage Taster Sessions
£35 only for a 1 hour session
To book an appointment please call Ines Willis on 07757248077

Full Body Holistic Massage Half Price Offer
£27 only for a 1 hour session
To book an appointment please call Michelle Rodrigues on 07751922658

Raynor Massage & Deep Tissue Massage Introductory Session
£25 only for a 1 hour session
To book an appointment please call Serge Tampakakis on 07527075964

Gift Vouchers are available for many of the therapies & treatments we offer

Therapies & Treatments

Our small and friendly Centre is divided into four sections that act as an umbrella for all of our therapies and treatments that we offer at Kingston Natural Health Centre

Back & Neck Pain Centre
Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Bowen Therapy & Massage

Mother-To-Be Centre
Pregnancy Massage, Maternity Reflexology, Shiatsu Massage, Acupuncture, Nutritional Advice, Baby Massage

Talking Therapies
Counselling, Pyschotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Speech & Language Therapy

Well-Being Centre
Allergy Testing, Homeopathy, Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, Pilates & Yoga

And many more…

For information on these treatments and our practitioners please peruse the websiteor call 0208 549 8000.

Now you are up to date with Kingston Natural Health’s news, I would like to invite you to please keep us posted with your news and updates if you would like to share any of your events or advice with our readers. We too are going to begin a regular ‘blog’ so please do watch out for that on current offers, advice and tips. If you would like to contribute to our ‘blog’ please do get in touch.

We wish you lots of health and happiness in the months ahead and we will be back soon.

Kind wishes

Tel: 0208 549 8000