Aromatherapy And Gua Sha For Pain And Stress Relief

Aromatherapy and Gua Sha for Pain and Stress Relief

Aromatherapy and Gua Sha is not a very common combination. The two therapies are quite contrasting, as aromatherapy is known for its gentle and subtle approach whereas Gua Sha has a reputation of being a “rough” treatment. Gua Sha is an ancient remedy from East and Southeast Asia. Aromatherapy has roots all over the ancient world, but the use of essential oils medicinally was established in Europe. The term “Aromatherapie” was coined by the French chemist Jean-Maurice Gatefosse around the beginning of 20th century, when he realised the medicinal properties of essential oils. ¹

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How Many Kinds Of Love Are There?

How many kinds of love are there?

There was an article in The Times recently about some research into words for love in many different languages. The conclusion was that there are fourteen different kinds of loving feelings! On the other hand, anthropologist Helen Fisher concluded that there are three basic kinds: sexual lust, romantic attraction, and long-term bonding attachment.

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