Aromatherapy Kingston Natural Health Centre

D.I.Y. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries,  and it is a lovely home remedy for many kind of illnesses.  So here are our top five most usable essential oils: 

 1.Lavender essential oil is definitely at the top of the list.  Last weeks blog on lavender oil will give you all the information you need about using this multi-purpose essential oil.  

 2.A close second on the list is chamomile.  This essential oil is an exellent anti-inflammatory is especially useful for mothers as it will help young children who are teething, providing them with natural relief.

 3.For the winter months you should definitely consider buying eucalyptus essential oil.  It is a must have for colds and generally for the immune system.  It works wonders on coughs and blocked noses thanks to its very distinctive aroma.

 4.Lemon is a must have in every home! This essential oil does everything from treating infections to being the perfect home deodrant. 

 5.Last but not least is peppermint, with its amazing digestive properties! It does not only treat indigestion but improves clarity, saves you from bad breath and should be on your list of things to take with you on holiday as it repels mosquitoes!