Vitamin D Kingston Natural Health Centre

A Vitamin Above All Others

Here’s a blog to read quickly while the sun shines!

Vitamin D has a fundemental difference when compared to other vitamins, this is because it is the only vitamin that the body can synthesise, but only with the help from sunlight. Vitamin D only occurs in a few common foods, such as liver, fish oils and eggs.

This vitamin is very much needed in the body, to enable everyday functions to carry on as normal. It is an essential substance that is involved in bone growth, this is because it is essential for calcium utilization, whereby it increases the availability of calcium for bone growth and calcium is one of the main components that bone is made up of. Thereby with a good supply of Vitamin D, bones may become stronger and it can help to prevent minor fractures.

Another one of Vitamin D’s functions is that it is an immune regulator, this way it can help to prevent cold and flu symptoms that may occur during the cold winter months.

So to help keep your Vitamin D levels up, get out into the sun during the summer and not only help your body synthesise a vital vitamin but get a lovely summer glow while doing it.