Eat Your Greens

Eat your Greens

Eating a portion of green vegetables every day can have substantial health benefits helping us reduce the risk of some cancers and strengthen our immune system.

Greens are high in fibre, low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals. The beta-carotene and vitamins A and C help prevent heart disease, eyesight from deteriorating and help maintain healthy skin. The vitamin K in greens can be helpful in preventing clotting, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis sufferers, Vitamin K helps our bodies store calcium, giving us stronger healthier bones, teeth and gums. Full of antioxidants, folate and flavonoids eating greens can help our bodies fight free radicals. Here are 20 greens to feast your eyes on:

– Beet greens
– Bok choy/ Pak choy
– Broccoli
– Brussel sprouts
– Cabbage
– Celery
– Collard greens
– Dandelion
– Endive
– Kale
– Lambs lettuce
– Lettuce
– Mustard greens
– Rocket
– Samphire
– Sorrel
– Spinach
– Sprouts
– Swiss chard
– Watercress