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Follow Your Gut and Feel Great

What did Hippocrates, Mae West, John Lennon, and Princess Diana all have in common?

They were all advocates for a natural treatment that was first documented by the Egyptians as early as 15OO B.C.E, and is still used today: Colonic Hydrotherapy. Also known as Colonic Irrigation, it was accomplished by using an enema in the ancient lifestyles of the Babylonians, Romans, Greeks and Hindus. It remained common practice until the 1960’s, when pharmaceutical companies provided other means of detoxing the colon. However, as holistic medicine is gaining popularity and credibility, Colon Hydrotherapy has become a sought out means of cleansing one of the body’s most vital organs, especially since it’s claimed that “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon”.

Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions are all about the individual, and the amounts of treatments will vary depending on a person’s needs. The procedure is as non-invasive as possible, as it is ran by a qualified practitioner who is sensitive to maintaining a client’s modesty. An initial treatment will consist of a consultation where the patient’s medical history will be discussed, followed by the actual hydrotherapy. The client is provided with a towel, or paper smock, to cover with, and then asked to undress from the waist down. At that point the practitioner will examine the abdomen before administering the speculum, a smooth tube that is inserted 2-3 inches into the rectum. Leading from the speculum are two pipes. One gently introduces filtered, warm water into the colon, while the other flushes out the faecal matter dislodged by the previous intake water. The process is clean, quiet, and doesn’t smell, thus ensuring the client’s sense of relaxation and calm. A qualified practitioner will also be skilled in allaying any fears the client might have during such a procedure.

When properly administered by an accredited therapist, Colonic Hydrotherapy has been known to rid the body of toxins, and thus benefit it by way of a stronger immune system, easing IBS, getting rid of constipation, improving quality of skin, and creating a stronger sense of well being.

At the Kingston Natural Health Centre, we’re committed to aiding all of our clients in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. If undergoing Colonic Hydrotherapy is something that interests you, please don’t’ hesitate to contact us. Our therapists are highly experienced, and have been certified by the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH), or the International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers (RICTAT). Both are highly respected governing bodies that regulate the instruction and certification of colonic therapists.