Alternative Therapies For Children At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Holistic Therapy Is Child’s Play

With summer holidays fast approaching, children are no doubt eager to put thoughts of school on hold, and start planning new adventures for their free time. And while class may soon be out, parents still have to ensure that hay fevers don’t run unchecked, allergies don’t cause shenanigans, and nothing else disrupts the good times to be had during barbecues, days at the beach, or even filling up the paddling pool.

For children who have grown up with complimentary and alternative medicine, the holistic world is nothing new. Studies show that parents’ own belief in CAM is what determines that it be used in their families.  However, for those who are unfamiliar with it, holistic therapy has proven valuable in either aiding conventional methods in treating certain ailments, or in some cases, replacing them altogether. Research performed in Canada found that 5 per cent of parents in a 926 person study chose CAM over conventional medicine, while in the UK, Australia, and United States of America, the reported use of CAMs is between 12 and 37 per cent. With figures such as these on the rise, it appears that the more and more families are turning to CAMs in order to explore as many options as possible to safeguard their loves ones’ health.

Research also suggests that chronic conditions are increasingly being treated with CAMs. Asthma is the most common chronic condition in the UK, with some evidence pointing to up to 70 per cent of cases being treated by holistic methods. The type of CAM used on a young client varies as much as the ailment in question. However, there are general practices that can either maintain a child’s health, or help in alleviating discomfort caused by pain, muscle tension, mood swings, poor sleep patterns, and poor diet. Some therapies can also increase concentration, and a sense of self. 

Kingston Natural Health Centre provides a wide array of therapies that parents and caregivers can look to for their young ones. Aromatherapy, the practice of using scented oils to stimulate the brain’s emotional centre, targets the amygdala in inducing a state of calm and happiness in the patient. It’s can be useful in easing anxiety, or maintaining a feeling of well-being. Similarly, but through a different approach altogether, Massage Therapy and Osteopathy focus on stretching and moving muscles and limbs to relax and reduce stress in the body. For those looking for something more stimulating, practices such as Reiki might be more appropriate, as this touch therapy has shown evidence of increased energy levels. Acupuncture can also be used on children to either stimulate or calm them, depending of course, on their individual needs. However, there are other methods that have proven to be beneficial without the use of physical touch. Homeopathy, which introduces small amounts of a substance that in greater quantities causes discomfort, delves from the idea that “like treats like”. Evidence shows that in can be beneficial in treating complaints from allergies, to tantrums and anxiety. Nutritional Therapy  may also be what a child needs to improve overall health, and reduce negative side effects from the ingestion of products such as processed foods.

To gain more information as to how the centre can help in promoting child well-being, or to discuss possible other therapies, please explore our website or call us for more information at 0208 549 8000