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No Pain, More Gain

It’s easy to tackle pain. There are shelves of prescription and non-prescription drugs that hunt down your body’s source of discomfort, and silence it. The most easily found painkillers come in the form of NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen. For some, this form of reducing swelling or alleviating soreness works just fine. But for others, the NSAIDs are tough on the stomach, or ineffective over a long period of time. 

For those looking for an alternative means to over the counter, or prescribed drugs, research from around the world has unearthed natural treatments that can take the place of conventional NSAIDs. Below is a list of five natural remedies that may help you, or someone you love, overcome pain from minor aches, to arthritis, swelling, and muscle problems.

1. Chilli Pepper

This hot, kitchen-favourite packs a lot more in its punch than watery eyes, and demands for water. It contains capsaicin, a major component which numbs sensation in nerve endings; it depletes the nerves of substance P, the peptide responsible for sending pain signals throughout the body. Effective in topical forms for acute or irregular bouts of unease.

2. Willow Bark

The original aspirin, Willow Bark is a great alternative for individuals who want to avoid using NSAIDs. Its main component is salicin, which has proven to be effective for those experiencing pain and inflammation. Research even indicates that it can be as effective as aspirin.

3. Fish Oil

Studies show that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are helpful in reducing swelling of the joints. For those that suffer from ailments such as arthritis, this point is crucial, as it is the inflammation that causes pain. Fish oil can either be found in daily supplements, or from cold water fish such as salmon.

4. Ginger

Not just a tasty ingredient to be added to meals and teas, ginger is proving to be a powerful ally in the fight against pain. Nausea, chronic cough, and stomach problems also appear to be reduced through the ingestion of this delicious herb. Depending on personal preference, ginger can be used topically, taken as a supplement, or ingested in its natural form.

5.  Turmeric

Another natural pain reliever that can be found in your cupboard, studies suggest that turmeric is effective in treating inflammation. Unfortunately, it is still unclear as to what exactly makes the spice such a good alternative to NSAIDs, but scientists believe that a component called curcumin may be responsible.

There are a plethora of other natural remedies and herbs that can be used to alleviate pain, soreness, and inflammation in the body, but hopefully these suggestions will help you on your way to living your day to the fullest. However, before introducing these alternatives into your body, it is crucial that you check with a GP or therapist; research is still unfolding in exploring not only the benefits of these substances, but also their possible side effects.

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