Colonic Hydrotherapy At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Toilet Talk

Discussing your poo is uncomfortable, and isn’t a topic that comes up in casual conversation. Going to the toilet is a private matter, and whatever happens behind those closed doors is your business, and yours alone. For people with healthy bowel movements, that’s a sentiment that most wouldn’t argue with. However, if you’re one of the 25 % of the population who suffers from IBS, has digestive problems, or can’t “go” for days on end, then maybe some Toilet Talk is what you need.

There are mixed feeling about Colonic Hydrotherapy, Mae West attributed her beauty and health to its cleansing effects, while some people shy from its relative invasiveness; the thought of introducing a tube 1.5 inches into their rectum is enough to make them disregard the therapy altogether. However, advocates of it report increased energy, easier and regular “number twos”, clearer skin, brighter eyes, less bloating, reduced IBS symptoms, greater attention span, and a desire to incorporate healthier eating habits into their day-to-day lives. 

Trusting a stranger to administer the therapy is usually the biggest challenge for those who are curious, yet apprehensive. On the surface, a session provides the perfect setting for the most humiliating story you will never tell your friends; you might be picturing something that will never become funny, no longer how much time passes. These fears are normal, and are completely understandable. However, the practitioners that provide the treatment always have your dignity as a top priority, and do whatever is necessary to protect it. Experienced and certified Colonic Hydrotherapists receive their qualifications from regulated organisations such as ARCH and IPCH; they undergo extensive training to ensure their clients are always comfortable, relaxed, and feel safe. If you’re still concerned about your modesty, keep in mind that yours isn’t the first bum that your practitioner has seen.


If you’re keen on finding out more about a session, or want to book an appointment, do feel free to call us on 02084598000 and ask as many questions as you like. You can also visit the rest of our site for more information, or continue your research by checking out ARCH and IPCH; they’re the governing boards on the therapy.