Natural Therapies For Summer At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Make Merrie

Held annually in Kingston, this year’s May Merrie was a successful day of entertainment and entrepreneurship. Merry-makers flowed through the borough’s picturesque streets as the Bank Holiday kicked off with live music, street vendors, performers, and games. 

While people ambled under the generous sun, staff and practitioners of the Kingston Natural Health Centre participated in the festivities. Welcoming passersby to our stall, we distributed flyers, answered questions, and provided insight into the centre and our therapies.  We also promoted free fifteen-minute tasters carried out by members of our talented group of practitioners.  

On offer were consultations with Maria Romero (Counselling and Psychotherapy), Victoria Busk (Acupuncture and Reflexology), along with treatments by Serge Tampakakis (Deep Tissue Massage; Raynor Technique, and Relaxing Massages), and Jambaal Jeng (Sports and Remedial Massage; Visceral Manipulation; Pre and Post Natal Massage; Lymphatic Drainage). The tasters offered a glimpse into the benefits of the holistic world, and the opportunity to book appointments with the centre right on the spot. 

We forward to the summer, not only for the improved weather, but for even more opportunities to interact with the Kingston community. We’re already planning more ways to spread awareness on Natural Health, and others offers that will satisfy curiosity, pique interest, or even overcome misapprehensions about the holistic world. Be sure to keep checking our page to see what other treats we have in store!