Life Coaching DVD. Norbert Hennemann At  Kingston Natural Health Centre

50 Days To Lose a Stone

We have a new Life Coach starting very soon at Kingston Natural Health Centre, Norbert Hennemann.  He has a weight loss DVD available to buy at the health centre for a special price of £11.99 reduced from £19.99. Here’s a little bit about his DVD:

Weight loss coaching for your mind – Most people fail to lose weight
because they are not prepared to take control. Start with getting
ready for weight loss and then keep going. It will save you
disappointment, time and the effort of having to losing the same
weight again and again. This program is a guide for all the areas that
could potentially be holding you back from losing weight, because
people are overweight for different reasons.
This DVD comes in a form of a html document (looks like a website)
with links to interactive PDF files to go through each one of the 18
modules. As an addition you can sign up to the online self-coaching
package for free and you will also receive a business card sized
shopping list, which makes it easier for you to buy the delicious
healthy foods you should eat, while on the back side you can see which
foods you should avoid. The DVD can also be purchased on the website with a free UK delivery.
With this DVD
– You will learn how to use the power of a real decision
– You will learn how to get motivation
– You will learn what foods to eat and to avoid
– You will learn how to remove limiting beliefs
– You will learn how to get support and improve your environment
– You will learn how to burn fat and stop putting fat on
– You will prevent diabetes type 2
– You will stop worrying about your health
– You will feel amazing and be proud of your achievement

If you would like to know more about Life Coaching or weight loss at Kingston Natural Health Centre please call us on 02085498000