5 Top Summer Foods

5 Top Summer Foods

After writing about the most popular exercises to keep you in shape this summer, we decided to share with you the foods that will help you maintain that shape!

Summer is all about fresh fruits and vegetables that will help you curb the cravings for junk food!

1. Lemons
Now, we know you have read this tip a million times, but if you haven’t  then you are missing out! A  glass of water with some lemon squeezed into it is the best start to the day as they balance out the acidity from the foods we consumed the day before.

2. Beetroot
Helps remove the toxins from your body and are vitamin rich as well as a source of dietary fibre.

3. Mangoes
Contain no fat but they do contain fibre which will keep you full for a long time! They are high in Vitamin A and will keep your skin glowing for the whole summer. 

4. Cucumbers
Have no calories and are very refreshing as well as being very soothing for the skin.

5. Melons
Watermelons and musk melons are both high water content so definitely have some to prevent dehydration! As they contain natural sugar they are also great for those with a sweet tooth!