10 Great Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Yesterday we gave you some great reasons to eat breakfast. Today we give you our top 10 delicious breakfast ideas.

1. Porridge, make with skimmed, semi skimmed or soya milk, sweeten with honey if you need to and top with berries
2. Muesli, granola or wholegrain cereal topped with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit
3. Grilled kippers with grilled tomatoes and wholemeal toast
4. Wholemeal toasted baguette drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes
5. Brown rice pudding sweetened with honey, then add fruit
6. Boiled or poached egg with lean bacon and wholemeal toasted soldiers
7. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast
8. Mushroom omelette with grilled tomatoes
9. Fresh fruit and or vegetable smoothie
10. 1/2 or whole pink grapefruit topped with natural yoghurt