Small Breakfast

8 Reasons to Break the Fast

Here we look at some compelling reasons why you shouldn’t skip what many believe to be the most important meal of the day.

1. You more likely to maintain a healthy weight, eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism again. It also means that come lunch time you are not so hungry so eat less and more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day
2, Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast gives us better attention span and productivity.
3. You’re more likely to get all nutrients by eating balanced meals. It isn’t always easy making sure we get all the nutrients our bodies require to stay healthy. Eating breakfast gives you a head start on making sure you get what you need.
4. It lowers cholesterol, helps prevent obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.  When you skip breakfast your body’s cells become less sensitive to insulin making you more susceptible to the above disorders
5. Children get better results in cognitive tests, they have better attention and concentration after a healthy breakfast.
6. It sets a good example to your children, they are more likely to eat breakfast if you eat it with them.
7. Studies show those who eat breakfast are less likely to suffer from depression and enjoy a better quality of life.
8. Breakfast is enjoyable!