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Eating Healthily to Conceive

Liz Smith from Neighbourhood Midwives gives us some advice on healthy eating for conception  

Making the decision to plan for a pregnancy is a very exciting time. Very often it will be a good time for you to evaluate your current diet and fitness regime. Being in the best health possible becomes really important as it will be of huge benefit to help you to conceive as well as have a healthy pregnancy. 

Both women and men should follow the following recommendations to improve fertility: 

  • Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day. This gives you a mineral and vitamin boost 

  • Choose lean meats, eggs, beans and lentils in order to boost your iron and protein levels 

  • Include 1 portion of oily fish each week eg: tuna, salmon, mackerel. Trout 

  • Have dairy products which are low in fat, and take some dairy every day to improve calcium levels 

  • Choose healthy snacks instead of sugary or salty one 

  • Take a folic acid ( 400 mcg) and vitamin D (10 mcg) supplement.  


It is also important to avoid or at least limit your alcohol intake and give up smoking. Being a healthy weight with a BMI between 18-25 will help your chances of conceiving healthily as will being active on most days.

If you would like any advice or to make an appointment with Neighbourhood Midwives please call Liz on 07866 899290.

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