Hypnotherapy For Anxiety At Kingston Natural Health Centre

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety for some people can be debilitating, if you suffer from anxiety have you tried Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state where the critical (chattering and evaluating) mind is calm and the imagination is absorbed in the focus of the hypnosis. In this state the conscious mind and subconscious mind are aligned and focused and we are open to suggestions – responding directly and positively to suggestions given. Modern psychology defines hypnosis as a state of increased suggestability.

It is a simple but extraordinarily powerful state – and when directed thought is used in this state one can change behaviour, bodily functions, beliefs and emotional responses. Some people compare it to opening up a “control panel” to the mind and body. The hypnotherapist works with the client to achieve this state and then suggests powerfully crafted thoughts, ideas and visualisations that introduce change at the very deepest levels.

Most of us know that if we could change the way we think we could change our lives. However most of us can’t hold a single thought in our minds for longer than a few seconds!

Hypnotherapy works by allowing us to be absorbed and focused for periods of time on the thoughts we would like to have running through our minds. In the state of hypnosis we can change the way we think – and so change our lives.

The goal of Hypnotherapy is to change the negative fixed ideas that fuel anxiety by replacing them with positive, realistic coping thoughts that are imprinted into the subconscious mind. A Hypnotherapist guides the patient through memories of the original anxiety-provoking event, helps the patient to separate the memory from the learned behavior, and then helps to reconstruct the event with new, healthier associations. This results in less anxious responses to the same event or object.

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