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Is the glass half full or half empty?

As a new book ‘Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain’ launches, we give you some tips on optimism.

Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain, the title of the new book written by Elaine Fox, a psychologist at Essex University states among other things in the New York Times that “positive thinking is not the main thing about optimism, action is what makes the difference, don’t sit back passively”
In her book she highlights the story of C. J. Walker who was born to former slaves, became an orphan at a very young age, married and then divorced at the age of 20. Despite facing sexism and racism she went on to be one of the first black American millionaires by founding a hair-care company.

Now, I cant promise this sort of success to you, however Elaine Fox also gives more tips to promote a “Sunnier” Brain:
– Face your fears head on. Step outside your comfort zone to help eliminate fear, anxiety and negative thoughts that can stand in the way of success.
– Re-evaluate events in your everyday life. Tell yourself that maybe things aren’t so bad.
– Practice mindful meditation. Allow feelings and thoughts to pass through your mind without judging or reacting to them; that helps create a sense of detachment from negative experiences.
– Take control over how you feel instead of letting feelings control you. A sense that you control your destiny can help you bounce back from setbacks and maximize your enjoyment of life.
– Laugh. Use positive feelings to counter negative ones.
– Be fully engaged. Get involved in activities that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a career, hobby, sport or volunteering. Do it, as Bill Richmond says. Then learn how.

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