Stop Smoking With Kingston Natural Health Centre

Quitting Is For Winners

Being a quitter is generally frowned upon, but when it comes to smoking, it’s the only way to achieve success.

100,000 deaths per year are caused by smoking-related illnesses in the UK, and the main culprits are cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart disease. 1

However, one in six adults are smokers, a vast improvement from 1990, when a third of the population were addicted to the sticks of nicotine.2 While some people are becoming increasingly aware of the merits of a smoke-free life, there are those who struggle with kicking the habit. Nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes have certainly helped many individuals save their lungs (and their wallets!), but there are complimentary and alternative methods that can help even the most stubborn of addicts.

At the Kingston Natural Health Centre, we’re lucky to work with experienced and calming therapists whose practices help those wishing to quit smoking. The treatments are effective because they are geared towards the individual needs of the patient, and are dependent on healthy communication between the practitioner and the client.

We provide an extensive list of treatments for various ailments, but the ones that are the most influential for abandoning smoking are Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Acupuncture, Meditation, Yoga, the Alexander Technique, Counselling, and Life Coaching. If you, or anyone else you know, is keen on overcoming their addiction, please do get in touch so that we can lend a helping hand.

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