Meditation With Sangeetha Ananthan

Taster Sessions in Meditation & Mindfulness

Would you like to meditate effectively and creatively? Do you have trouble focusing your mind and are not sure what types of meditation will work best for you? Not sure how or where to start? Enjoy a meditation group to help you with this with a big difference!

The difference is: a variety of forms of meditation and mindfulness are demystified or made simple and accessible with specific road maps of the body that the Organiser, Sangeetha has uniquely created to keep you fully focused and present! No more fighting with your crazy monkey mind!

If you find that when you have meditated before that you have experienced:

  • Your mind wandering
  • Thoughts turning over and over  
  • You can’t help falling asleep 

And you would like to learn how to meditate to easily increase your focus, clarity and energy then this group is for you!  If you are a complete meditation virgin then you are very welcome too as this has been designed for beginners in mind. 

The classes, workshops and courses are run to specifically troubleshoot problems you may have had meditating or when you start to meditate in order to transform your meditation and mindfulness practice. They are influenced by a wide range of meditation techniques including mindfulness, focusing and visualisation to offer you a flexible toolkit. One that you can transfer with time and practice to your everyday life to use anytime anywhere. So, yes on the tube, walking down the street, in a busy meeting or crowd, whilst eating and even whilst in conversation.


Come and join Sangeetha for an afternoon of calming energy on Saturday afternoons 2-4pm at Kingston Natural Health Centre, 31 Old London Road, Kingston, KT2 6ND in the Room 4 Green Meditation Space.

First session Saturday 15th November 2-4pm taster £15 payable via meetup on Paypal 

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