Therapist Focus

Therapist Focus – Lauren Rinaldi

In the second of our Therapist Focus series, we speak to Bowen Therapist Lauren Rinaldi.

Name: Lauren Rinaldi
Age: 34
Therapy: Bowen Therapy

How long have you been practicing?
3 years

Why this therapy?
I had my first experience of ‘Bowen’ when I was only 11 years old and my mother took me for a treatment. Even as a child I knew that there was something very special about this gentle technique and I always looked forward to seeing my Bowen Therapist. In the years since my first treatment, Bowen Therapy has continued to amaze me with the response experienced not only by myself but by those around me, who often turned to Bowen when nothing else had helped. Bowen is a gentle yet incredibly powerful technique.

Where did you train?
In Australia where the Technique originated

How long have you been at Kingston Natural Health Centre?
Since January 2012

Why is Kingston Natural Health Centre your choice of practice?
The centre provides a lovely, fresh and comforting space to treat my clients in. We have a great team of therapists at the centre.

Are there any cases/patients that stand out in your career?
Bowen Therapy has an amazing ability to assist the body in healing itself. It works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I have seen so many wonderful results like debilitating hip pain gone in 3 treatments, persistent headaches relived after only one session and a sense of happiness return after years of depression following treatment number 2 . I have a number of testimonials that you can read on my website

What stands out about your therapy?
It is so gentle yet so powerful. There are no forceful movements required. Bowen stimulates the bodies own natural healing abilities.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not fixing people?
I love Yoga, getting outdoors into nature, spending quality time with good friends and family and often find myself at Rugby League games on weekends watching my husband who plays professionally.

Do you have any achievements personal or therapy related that you would like to share with us?
What is your favourite food?: Fresh garden vegetables (and some sneaky chocolate form time to time!)

Can you give us one health tip?
A simple thing we can all do is to stay hydrated. So much of our body is made up of water (on average 60% in adults). Without plenty of pure water intake our body tissuessuffer, function poorly and increase the likelihood of disease and injury. That, along with listening to your body. Don’t wait till your body is in ‘crisis’ to seek help form a qualified health practitioner. There are many wonderful options out there in terms of complementary therapies – find what is right for you.