Laughter Is The Best Medicine?

Laugh Out Loud

We wanted to get our new series of blogs off to a positive start and what better topic to start with than laughter.

Did you know that amongst other health benefits, laughter can increase blood flow and strengthen the immune system? A good old roaring laugh can cause dilation of the inner lining of the blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow, increasing the heart rate and may help to stabilise blood pressure.

The release of endorphins from the brain when we laugh may relieve some physical pain and laughter at the dinner table can help to improve digestion.

Also when we laugh our body has a boost of T cells and white blood cells producing antibodies which strengthens our immune system.

Feeling stressed? Laughing also reduces cortisol and adrenalin, our stress hormones.

So go and see some stand up comedy, watch your favourite sitcom or do what ever it is that makes you laugh. After all what have you got to lose, laughter has no harmful side effects.