Homeopathy For Teeth

Smile, it’s Homeopathy

This weeks blog, written by our Homeopath, Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada, is to help us all smile broadly, and to help keep our teeth healthy.

Homeopathic remedies can be extremely useful in keeping gums and teeth in good order. Pre dental treatment and Post dental treatment: Below are examples on how homeopathy can help.

One of the biggest issues about going to the dentist is the ANXIETY connected to the dentist. ACONITE 30 to be taken an hour before going to the dentist and while waiting

After any dental treatment ARNICA 30 is the first remedy to take.  If there has been an injection HYPERICUM 30 to take the following 2/3 days alternating with ARNICA until the mouth feels healthy.

The main remedies for abcesses are MERCURIUS and HEPAR SULPH, take one of these in 30 potency 2 hourly until abcess subsides.

Bleeding after extraction of teeth PHOSPHOROUS, ARNICA or LACHESIS take one of these in 30 potency 2 hourly until bleeding stops.

All the remedies can be taken alongside any medication that the dentist or GP have prescribed.

There are many other remedies to use in conjunction with conventional treatment for your teeth and mouth in general, a visit to the homeopath will help you decide which ones are right for you

In Chinese Medecine and Acupuncture each tooth represents different parts of the body, so when a tooth is hurting it could be that another part of your body is in crisis. This is a graph showing not only what part of the body that is affected by each tooth but also what emotions could be linked to that particular tooth. Fascinating.