Expose Yourself - Sun

Expose Yourself

Essential to our existence the sun has many health benefits and as summer is upon us we’ve decided to share with you what we’ve found out about this magnificent star.

Taking the sun for ten minutes a day can be a great way of staying healthy, it is how our body produces vitamin D which is vital to our wellbeing.

Here are 11 reasons to bask in the sun:

• It can help prevent mental health problems such as Depression and SAD (Seasonal affective disorder).  Exposure to the sun increases the production of seretonin in the brain, this is our body’s natural anti depressant.
• Studies show that people with high levels of vitamin D have a low risk of developing type 2 diabetes
• The sun can help prevent bone diseases such as Osteoperosis. Vitamin D is important in aiding the absorbtion of calcium in the gut and  distributing it across the cell membranes, this leads to strong healthy bones.
• It promotes a healthy nervous system and encourages the production of endorphines to our brain, which acts as a natural pain relief.
• Vitamin D may help shrink cancer cells. The sun may also be helpful in the prevention of cancer as some cancers are encouraged by a lack of Vitamin D.
• The sun increases the production of white blood cells Strengthening our immune system. Thus reducing the risk of infections and can help recovery.
• Research has shown that people with higher levels of vitamin D and people who live nearer to the equator are less likely to develop multiple sclerosis.
• A form of cholesterol in the skin is converted into Vitamin D by sunlight helping to control cholesterol.
• Regular sun exposure helps promote healthy skin and reduce symptoms of eczema, acne and psoriasis
• Sunlight indicates to our body that it is daytime and gives our metabolism a boost.
• Liver function may be improved by Vitamin D, which also helps break toxins down in the liver.

You should expose as much of your body as you can, totally naked is best but be careful if you’re in a public place! Suntan lotion is a controversial subject, we believe that 10 minutes a day in the sun without lotion is most benefitial. It is vitally important that you do not burn, this is when the sun has adverse health effects.  Some people believe that glasses, sun glasses and contact lenses prevent the sun from entering our body via the retina which can be a very effective way for us to absorb sunlight.

Soak it up and enjoy.