Superfood Adzuki Beans

Top Ten Superfoods of 2012

Every year the media focuses on a particular food, causing us to run out to our local health food store in order to find this new miracle food.  But this year’s list is different, firstly, it comprises superfoods that have been popular in certain countries for years, but also these foods have scientific evidence supporting their newly acquired superfood status.

1. African Mango – This fruit has been increasing in popularity as studies have shown that extracts from this type of mango increases fat burn and speeds up the metabolism, as well as suppressing your appetite due to its high levels of soluble fibre.

2. Goldenberries – Contain anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids as well as being high in antioxidants and contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which supposedly help improve organ function as well as keeping your weight healthy.

3. Jerusalem Artichokes – Are high in magnesium and potassium, which are essential for a healthy heart. These artichokes also speed up your metabolism as they’re high in fibre.

4. Adzuki Beans – Are very high in antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol due to their high level of potassium.  The beans are also a good source of fibre and vegetable protein.

5. Black Garlic – Contains high levels of S-Allylcysteine, a compound that helps fight cancer as well as having twice as many antioxidants as normal raw garlic.

6. Fenugreek –  This herb helps to avoid the common cold and cures a sore throat. Some also believe that it can improve diabetes symptoms.

7. Chia Seeds – Contain a good dose of Omega-3 as well as protein and fibre, which helps you to feel full for longer.

8. Cupuaçu – This fruit reduces cholesterol and increases energy as it contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  This superfood is also used as an ingredient for face creams and body creams that help regenerate skin cells as well as hydrating the skin.

9. Spirulina – In the form of powder, capsules and tablets this algae is widely available as a supplement. It’s known worldwide as one of the best sources of protein. It gives you an energy boost, reinforces the immune system, protects you from cancer, aids weight loss and controls high blood pressure.

10. Kukicha Twig Tea – It has gained popularity recently do to its high levels of disease-beating antioxidants. It also helps reduce bloated stomachs as well as easing nausea.